The lab is fortunate to work with some outstanding collaborators at the Beckman Laser Institute, University of California – Irvine, and with external institutions. As a part of the LAMMP program, the WiFI group collaborates a great deal with the DOSI research group and Virtual Photonics initiative. Additionally, there are several other collaborations that are key to research efforts listed below:

Monitoring Acute and Chronic Brain Injuries
Collaborators: Ron Frostig, Ph.D., UCI Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
WiFI Personnel: Soren Konecky, Bruce Tromberg

Monitoring Tumor Angiogenesis and Chemotherapy Treatments in pre-clincal models
Collaborators: Eva Lee, Ph.D, UCI; Dr. Ed Nelson, UCI.
WiFI Personnel: Jae Kim, Austin Moy, Bernard Choi, Bruce Tromberg

A spatially-modulated scatter imaging system to detect tumor-associate stroma
Collaborators: Brian Pogue, Ph.D., Dr. Wendy Wells. Ashley Laughney. Dartmouth
WiFI Personnel: Tyler Rice, Bruce Tromberg

Functional Mapping of Port Wine Stains
Collaborators: Dr. Stuart NelsonDr. Kristen Kelly, UCI Department of Surgery
WiFI Personnel: Bruce Yang, Owen Yang, Ata Sharif, Amaan Mazhar, Anthony Durkin, Bernard Choi

Quantitative Assessment of Pedicle Flaps in Reconstructive Surgery
Collaborators: David Cuccia, Ph.D, MI IncDr. Greg EvansDr. Mike Pharaon, Sebastien Vetter, UCI Department of Surgery
WiFI Personnel: Ata Sharif, Amaan Mazhar, Amr Yafi, Anthony Durkin

Assessment of Burn Wounds using WiFI
Collaborators: Dr. Marianne Cinat, Dr. Meghann Kaiser, Dr. Nicole Bernal
WiFI Personnel: Ata Sharif, Amaan Mazhar, Amr Yafi, Bernard Choi, Anthony Durkin

Melanoma Screening using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging
Collaborators: Dr. David Hsiang, Dr. Jim Jackowitz, UCI Department of Surgery
WiFI Personnel: Rolf Saager, Fred Ayers, Anthony Durkin

Characterization/classification of skin pathologies
Collaborators: Dr. Kristen Kelly, UCI Department of Dermatology
WiFI Personnel: Rolf Saager, Fred AyersClement Kondru, Anthony Durkin

SFDI/PDT of Basal Cell Carcinoma
Collaborators: Apogen & David Cuccia, Ph.D., MI Inc.
WiFI Personnel: Rolf Saager, Anthony Durkin

Metal nanoparticle mediated imaging, targeting, and treatment of cancer
Collaborators: James Tunnell, Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin. David CucciaPh.D., MI Inc.
WiFI Personnel: Amaan Mazhar, Anthony Durkin

Optical Characterzation of Alzheimer’s Disease
Collaborators: Frank LaFerla, Ph.D.Maya Koike, Ph.D., Kim Green, Ph.D. UCI MIND
WiFI Personnel: Alexander Lin, Bernard Choi, Bruce Tromberg

Collaborators: Tomasz Tkaczyk, Ph.D.Nathan Hagen, Ph.D. Rice University.
WiFI Personnel: Soren Konecky, Amaan Mazhar, Bruce Tromberg

Spatially-Modulated Near-infrared Light (SMNL) for Image-guided Oncologic Surgery
Collaborators: Dr. John Frangioni, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Sylvain Gioux, Boston University
WiFI Personnel: Amaan Mazhar, Bruce Tromberg

Widefield Spatial Mapping of in vivo Tattoo Skin Optical Properties
Collaborators: Dr. Kristen Kelly, UCI Department of Dermatology
WiFI Personnel: Fred Ayers, Anthony Durkin

Coregistration of Electrical and Optical Signals in a Seizure Model
Collaborators: Dr. Devin Binder, UCI Department of Neurological Surgery
WiFI Personnel: Jessie Weber, Bruce Tromberg

SFDI and CTIS: Rapid Hyperspectral Imaging
Collaborator: Greg Bearman, Ph.D., Daniel Wilson, Ph.D., Bill JohnsonPh.D., Jet Propulsion Labs;
WiFI Personnel: Jessie Weber, David Cuccia, Bruce Tromberg