The P41 technology initiative at the BLI

LAMMP Seminar Series
Some of the seminars upcoming at the BLI

Durkin Mailing List
Features the latest journal articles, news, and job postings in the community

Virtual Photonics
This LAMMP initiative focuses on interative tutorials for diffuse optics tutorials

Journal Of Biomedical Optics
Journal for biomedical optics applications

Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy Imaging Lab
Lab deals with steady-state and frequency domain photon migration

Microvascular Therapeutics and Imaging Laboratory
Professor Choi’s group

Laboratory for Functional Imaging and Spectroscopy of Superficial Tissues
Professor Durkin’s Group

Modulated Imaging Inc.
Startup company started by lab alumni David Cuccia, Ph.D.

Beckman Service Desk (staff only)
Link for reporting any computer/network issues